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Math Mom provides personalized online math instruction to students in elementary math through Algebra. Instructional sessions focus not only on building math skills, but also on the affective needs of students.
Math Mom helps create more confident, persistent, and active learners and provides
positive math experiences that carry into their future.


Personalized Instruction Every Step of the Way

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Math Mom provides personalized attention to students as they practice skills identified as needing improvement. During individualized instruction time, Math Mom will assess for any concept gaps or prerequisite skills not mastered and weave them into the tutoring session.  Students will practice the skills while being supported as to build self-confidence in addition to content knowledge. Sessions are engaging, supportive, and fun.

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Students may be interested in purchasing their own writing tablet for sessions as it provides paper-like writing capability. In place of the mouse, the writing pen allows for more comfortable and natural writing of math work. Through use of a supplied USB cable, set up is quick and easy. 



Caring. Adaptable. Experienced.

Hello! My name is Kristen, creator and sole instructor of

Math Mom.

I recognize the potential in each one of my students. With a customizable approach, I meet students where they are at and help them build their math skills from that point forward. The personalized attention given not only improves their math skills, but also their motivation, self-esteem, and attitudes towards math. I have a genuine passion to help children which naturally creates a supportive environment in which students will take risks to learn.

I know how to teach students math. I have a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. With over 15 years of experience in education, including classroom and online teaching, my knowledge in helping children in math is solid. I have many successful stories to share and many more to create.


I’m a caring, adaptable, and experienced Math Teacher ready to help your child today! 



 The number of sessions a student may need varies according to the results one wishes to achieve.

Each session is 55 minutes in length.

Tutoring Session ~ $50




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